Looking for options that allow you to take a Do-It-Yourself approach? Here are some options to consider.

If you and your spouse, or significant other, have a mutual agreement on the majority of issues and need advice on finalizing your decisions, our Self-Service programs can provide the help you need to move ahead. These options provide you with solutions that help guide you through the process. 

Option 1. Do It Yourself with Support and Representation

Our self-directed programs provide you with affordable, personalized legal assistance. We offer fixed-fee packages that include time with one of our experienced Florida Family Law Attorneys, but without requiring full representation retainer fees. This self-directed option gives you the access to guidance from our legal team in a way that fits your budget. If your case becomes contested or too burdensome, you have the option to convert to full representation at any time.

Option 2. Self-Service

This option is for those clients who want to handle on their own their divorce, custody or family law case but would like access or advice from an experienced Florida Family Law Attorney. Self-Service clients may change to a full representation option at any time if needed during their case. 

Read more about our self-service package fees.

If you’re looking for full representation, we can help. When you need an attorney to represent you in court, negotiate with an opposing attorney or party, or work with you a through a collaborative divorce, our Full-Service Options are designed to handle your case.

If you have questions or would like to schedule your initial phone consultation, contact us or call 239-206-3664.