Self-Service Packages & Fees

We want to help you achieve your goals and answer questions you may have throughout this process. Whether your concerns are financial, logistical, personal, emotional, or they affect your children, we want to hear about them. We want to provide you with answers by offering fees and affordable access to our attorneys.

Self-Service Package A: Do It Yourself Advice
Includes five 30-minute, in-office sessions with an attorney. This allows you to manage your own case but also receive the legal advice that you may need throughout the process including counsel on documents or other support that may be required.
Flat fee: $675

Self-Service Package B: Document Preparation
Designed for clients who have agreed on all the terms of their family law matter and want the document prepared by our experienced staff. Flat fee: $650

Self-Service Package C: Consulting Attorney Service
Allows you to manage your own case and handle your own litigation, but grants you full access to the legal support and advice you need. Your attorney will provide support as needed via phone or email. We will assist with document preparation as necessary. Hourly Rate Representation with reduced retainer available.

Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.