At Family First Legal Group, we will take your case from the start to finish so you can be at peace throughout the process. Whether it's full representation during a contested divorce with court appearances, or the collaborative alternative to litigation.


Divorces are complicated. Settlements will have a lasting impact on you, your ex-spouse and your children. If you want a legal professional handling your case from start to finish, guiding you ever step of the way, our Full Service Option is meant for you.

Our full-service legal representation is the best solution for clients who expect their divorce to be contested and know they need legal expertise to handle their case. Our team will handle every aspect of your case and strategize to work toward your goals. We will stand by your side and work for your best interests. 

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An alternative approach to resolving disputes in the family law arena.

What is Collaborative Practice?

As an alternative to traditional litigation and the unknowns of going to court, the collaborative law process provides the support and guidance of attorney representation for you and your spouse, partner, or co-parent. The parties resolve their disputes in a series of face-to-face meetings with their attorneys and team members while respecting both parties’ shared goals.

By avoiding the stress and expense of litigation and court appearances, our collaborative law process is often successful at maintaining a positive relationship between the parties and with their children, even as the family structure changes. It is especially appropriate when all concerned make the needs of the children the priority, and welcome the legal guidance and related support to achieve a mutually satisfying agreement.

We have seen our collaborative practice work for a variety of family law cases. Whether you are dealing with divorce and child support or establishing or modifying custody and parenting time, collaboration can hold the key to a fair and peaceful resolution.

Because a collaborative solution requires clients' willingness to negotiate face-to-face, with counsel of their attorneys, it may not be an appropriate option when domestic abuse is a factor.

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