"I get up each morning with a smile on my face
instead of worry and despair." – Gina

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I knew I had made the right decision, in selecting Family First Legal Group, to represent me from the initial consultation. They guided me through the difficult and, at times, heartbreaking process of dissolution. Alex Petersen and his staff led me through the legal maze without skipping a beat. Not only did this team help with closing one door, but were my greatest cheerleaders in opening another. I could not have been blessed with a better group of people to represent me.

Divorce is a tough journey. Many times you feel as though you are falling off of a cliff, but there was always someone there, to catch me. Each member of this group helped me recover, at one time or another. They are knowledgeable and tough, but compassionate and caring. That’s a winning combination in my book.
— Anonymous, February 2017
I am a lawyer and I never realized what a daunting task it is to find the right lawyer for my divorce. I met with over 10 family law attorneys. The only attorney that seemed to really care and told me information that I needed was Mr. Peterson. He was very knowledgeable and was intent on getting me the best outcome without burning all my money. As an attorney, I was extremely frustrated with most of my consults. Mr. Peterson was straight forward and made me feel good about my situation and my likely outcome. I ended up with a very good result. I could not have been happier.
— Scott, May 2017
Attorney Alex Peterson and the entire Family First Legal Group staff are always professional yet friendly, accessible, and demonstrate timely communication. Mr. Peterson and the Family First staff genuinely listened to me, advised me of all possible legal approaches and their potential outcomes, and adhering to the approach I chose worked with me to achieve my desired legal goals—and all at reasonable rates assessed fairly. I will return to with Mr. Peterson and Family First Legal Group in the future if and when legal needs may arise.
— Matthew, May 2017
Given the plethora of attorney options in our area, it was a daunting task to select a lawyer with whom to council. We settled on Mr. Peterson based on his client reviews and the impression we felt having read his profile and mission statement of the law firm on his website. It turns out we made an excellent choice! I cannot give enough praise for this compassionate, intelligent, service-oriented legal professional. After retaining his services, we were made to feel our case was of utmost importance. I would highly recommend Mr. Peterson and his helpful, caring staff for anyone in need of legal council in the area of family law.
— Susan, January 2016
My experience with Alex Peterson and the entire staff at Peterson Family Law exceeded all expectations! After having met with several other attorneys, I knew my search for legal representation was over after my initial meeting with Alex. While he was clearly professional, knowledgeable, and confident, Mr. Peterson still understood that there was a “human element” involved in this process and he addressed that aspect very appropriately. The team at Peterson Family Law managed to make a very stressful and difficult time, for me, less stressful and difficult. I can’t count the number of times, over the course of my case, I gave a sigh of relief and thought, “I am so glad I went with Alex! There is so much stressing me right now, but thankfully my attorney is not one of them!” If you are feeling overwhelmed by the search for legal representation, schedule a meeting with Alex and the team at Peterson Family Law. You will likely give a sigh of relief yourself once you do.
— Melissa, August 2015
These guys are awesome! During the difficult task of divorce, the Peterson family law firm helped my family and I with everything and anything I needed. They kept a professional and desirable rapport with me and showed the up most consideration for my children and family welfare.
— Ruben, December 2014
I saw Mr Peterson for a child support matter and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and he took care of my problem in only one visit. I found him to be very compassionate and understanding of my situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
— David, October 2014
Your search for your attorney stops here! Making a decision on who will represent you in the court of law can be a dreaded and uneasy one. Your search and decision for an attorney can stop here as Alex Peterson is amazing at what he does, he will always be there for you and will never fail you or let you down.
— Mary, October 2014
Alex is an attorney I would recommend to any and all of my friends/family as I trust his knowledge and the proven fact that he will always be there to help every single step of the way along with making it as easy on you as humanly possible.
— Mary, October 2014
It was for me a success having engaged the services of the lawyers at Peterson Family Law. From the first day they placed a lot of trust in me, kept me informed of everything that happened during my divorce (which lasted almost eight months) and they gave me tranquility despite how complex was the process.

I want to thank wholeheartedly the professionalism and interest shown throughout the process, compliance in all appointments and very successful in making decisions. I dare recommend them because of my experience with this firm and their professionalism demonstrated throughout the case.
— John, September 2015
Integrity and professionalism are two words often used to describe Peterson Family Law. When it comes to family law, they have been a great help to several of my colleagues. More importantly, Alex Peterson and his staff always begin by taking however much time is needed to fully understand the situation and how they can best help to protect the parties involved - especially the children.
— Peter, January 2015
Alexander was professional, caring, and informative about all aspects concerning my case. I felt at ease having him at my side during the whole process and grateful for his patience for the times I misunderstood certain details of my case and needed him to clarify them for me. It is obvious that he is dedicated to his profession and loves his career path. Alexander is passionate about how he can help all his clients, especially those with unique circumstances like my case had. I highly recommend Alexander Peterson.
— Cynthia, May 2014
Alex Peterson was an educated, honest, and respectful lawyer. Alex was quick to help get me started with taking the right steps I needed to complete to have an advantage for my case. Alex’s confident ahead of the game attitude and quick responses helped with the stress of the case. Alex was great about relaying new information that he would receive in a timely manner. I highly recommend him to others that are seeking justice in the court room.
— Anonymous, November 2013
Thank you for helping a friend of mine thought what has proven to be a miserable time in his life.

According to him, you were able to fully understand the problem and the situation he found himself in and then suggest ways to improve it or even make it go away.

He will not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone he thinks could use your services.
— Al, July 2015
Alex Peterson is very professional. He kept me informed 100% and stayed up to date on current issues. He is also very family oriented and understands the sensitivity of family matters. I highly recommend him.
— Christine, June 2014
Don’t let (Alex Peterson’s) youth fool you. I have been in a law suit with my “ex” for over three very taxing years. Peterson Law Firm was recommended to me by Janet Noack and Tim Coons from Noack, Mitchell & Company (a very well-respected Accounting Firm).

I was told “you need to make an appointment with Alex, he gets it!” In my first meeting I knew this was the lawyer I needed for closure. Within six months of obtaining his service I’m in court watching a brilliant, for lack of better terms, performance.

What I admired most was the collaboration between lawyer and accountant. It was a difficult case and it was brilliantly dissected and interpreted simply and professionally by Alex. More importantly he asked Janet Noack to put together a poster of the chain of events that took place in which I watched the judge refer to continuously on reply. It was one of the most difficult experiences I had to go through.

More importantly Alex made me feel as if I have won despite the verdict (still waiting). I consider my day in court a victory. I highly recommend Alex, his court demeanor with the judge, my “ex”, opposing counsel and witnesses was beyond compare. He did not rely on court dramatics to achieve our goal in court. Most importantly, he is a family man and puts his wife and children first. He does practice what he preaches and it is refreshing to hear him speak so lovingly of his family. Thank goodness I received the referral from Janet Noack.

I get up each morning with a smile on my face instead of worry and despair. Hey the mirror says I look younger. If you think about it the process can be more important than the outcome. I’m forever grateful. It is a nice feeling to feel good about yourself again.
— Gina, January 2015

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